General Information

  • 158,503 USG (600,000 L) common fuel storage onsite
  • Low costs
  • Short aircraft taxi distance
  • No slot controls
  • 24/7 operations
  • Only hours away to any North America destination via air

Airfield Information

IATA Designation:


ICAO Designation


IFR Airport, 24 hours/day – 7 days/week


2266 feet (690.7 metres) above mean sea level


Latitude N53 53 03
Longitude W122 40 39 2.8SE 18ºE

Time Zone

UTC – 8 (7)
GMT – 8 (7)

Noise Restrictions


Runway Data

Rwy 15 – 33
Code: 4E-P (747-8 capable)
Dimensions: 3490 m x 45 m (11,450 ft. x 150 ft.)
Shoulder: 25 ft. (7.5 m)
Displaced Threshold: 500 ft. (rwy 33)
Slope: -0.3% (rwy 15)
Lighting: High intensity (center line)
P3 PAPI (rwy 15)
P2 PAPI (rwy 33)
Certification: RVR 1200 (1/4sm)

Surrounding Terrain

Woods, river, lakes, all approaches clear with airport situated on plateau.


Frequency below CAT 1 minimum: 98.0% reliable

Traffic Density

No congestion


Non-directional beacon XS 272 (NCB power outlet 50 to less than 2000 watts)
N53 49 W122 39 15

Non-directional beacon Northwood ZXS 260 (power outlet 50 watts)
N53 58 03 W122 41 24

Very high frequency omnidirectional radio range (VOR) and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) YXS 112.3 Ch 70 N53 53 39 W122 27 20 (4075’). Scalloping may be experienced on all radials from 20-60 NM


Country Code: +1
IDD Access Code: 011
Domestic Prefix: 1
Tower Frequency: 118.3
Ground Frequency: 121.9
ATIS: 128.725
CUSTOMS: AOE/30 888-226-7277

Flight Plan

Kamloops 866-WXBRIEF


METAR AUTO H24 (see COMM for frequency)
Aerodrome Forecast (TAF H24 issued at times 01,07,13,and 19Z)
Aviation Weather Camera available (Wxcam)

Summary Services

  • Hotel and Motels:  21 facilities with 2059 rooms including popular brands such as the Marriott, Sheraton, Ramada, Prestige, Best Western, Sandman Signature, Pomeroy and Coast Inn of the North.
  • Restaurants:  38 in the downtown core/hotel district including popular brands such as the Keg, White Spot, Red Robin, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Tim Horton’s.
  • Rental Car on site
  • Transportation coordination
  • Catering coordination
  • Customs and Immigration clearance
  • Competitive fuel prices (contract fuel available)
  • Passenger and aircraft handling for all aircraft types
  • Bonded cargo space available
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Type I & Type IV deicing fluid
  • Average turn of wide-body aircraft less than 90 minutes
  • Low security threat


Catering services are available through Allied Aviation Services, please contact them directly for all your catering needs.

Fuel Services

JetMark International Fuel Service

Phone: +1 250.963.248
Fuel:  Jet A and Jet A with FSII

Ground Services

Allied Aviation Services

  • Complete passenger and cargo handling for all aircraft types
  • Quick turns
  • All ground equipment including cargo loaders, air start units, ground power, heaters, de-icing units, water, passenger stairs, belt loaders, tire jacks, forklifts
  • Type I and type IV de-icing fluid
  • Liaison with fuel suppliers, hotels, transportation, catering, customs, etc.

Contact Allied Aviation Services:
Aaron Pigeau
Operations Manager at CYXS
Phone:  +1 250-963-7345