Located in Northern British Columbia, Canada Prince George is on the great circle route between major Asian and US airports and is the Northern Pacific Alternative for the future!

Prince George Airport aerial viewThe Prince George Airport (YXS) is ideally located for Cargo or Corporate aircraft requiring tech stop services when crossing the Pacific Ocean. Our airport’s strategic location allows aircraft requiring tech stops services to fly without deviation. Flight path analysis reveals that there about 1% deviation between Prince George and Anchorage for Asia USA flight routings.

For many existing routes the difference in flight times is ten minutes or less.

Prince George is located on a traditional North South and East West transportation routes with transcontinental railways located less than 3 miles from airport and road network connections to the US interstate highways. The Port of Prince Rupert – North America’s deepest port is 1.5 days closer than any traditional shipping center, and is in our region.

The 1219 m (4000 foot), $36 million runway expansion is aimed at serving air cargo carriers to refuel aircraft travelling between Asia and North America. At 3490 m (11451 feet) long and 61 m (200 feet) wide, the Prince George Airport runway is currently the fourth longest commercial runway in Canada after Calgary and Vancouver.

YXS is strategically located on the Great Circle Route along the existing transpacific flights paths, which result in minimal diversions between origin and destination. As a result of this location, it is able to accommodate carriers for weather, safety or congestion issues.

The Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) offers carriers an airport that can accommodate 24/7 operations with no operational restrictions, has a low cost fee structure and no congestion. The design and product being offered is exclusively geared for fast and efficient turnarounds minimizing carriers on the ground time.

With over 40 airside ha (100 acres) available and a 1214 ha (3000 acres) airport logistics park being developed adjacent to the airport lands – manufacturing and logistics opportunities for local and regional business will follow. The Northwest corridor will be one of the least congested transportation corridors in North America, ensuring the expansion and diversification of business, manufacturing and export from Northern BC.

Land Development

The Prince George Airport Authority has set aside 283 ha (700 acres) for future development. The Prince George Airport Authority has land available for warehousing, distribution and maintenance facilities – interested parties are urged to email info(At)pgairport(Dot)ca or call 250.963.2400.